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Colorful photo of window sashes

Photo of various window sashes in different colors


  1. Jeff Kroeker says:

    I am looking to restore and replace some metal sash windows in a house that was built in the early 1930’s. Do you have any windows that may match this description?

    Thank you,

    • Urban Ore says:

      Hello Jeff! Call our Building Materials Department for further assistance!

      510 841 7283 ext 315

  2. Keith Carpenter says:

    Hi, I’m building a tiny home and I have a specific need. I’m looking for steel sash, putty windows, with or without casement type crank out windows. Ideally, I could get a 8’x4′ or 5′ With or without casements. Materials determines form, so if you have or get those sometimes let me know please.
    Thanks, Kieth thundermonkey51@gmail

    • Urban Ore says:

      Hi Keith,
      I’m just the office guy. You want to speak to our Building Materials staff at 510-841-7283 ext.315! We definitely get plenty of the old casement windows in.

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