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Shop Smart

Be smart and save the planet. Buy reused goods!

Urban Ore’s number one competitor is the landfill. We all try our best to keep reusable and recyclable goods from heading to the landfill. When you shop with us, you are helping keep precious, dwindling, virgin resources safe by reusing what already exists.

Throughout its 40 year history, Urban Ore has been active in the politics of Zero Waste by participating in countless activist and advocacy actions. We’ve helped write several influential pieces of legislation that have become law through policymaker and voter approval.

Simple rules to shop by

Picture of a person carrying a canvas bag full of clothes and stuffed animals

Our canvas bags are made of 100% organic, compostable cotton, made in the U.S.A. Only ten dollars!

Many of your daily needs can be found used or recycled.

  • Food containers, drink containers, and cutlery
  • Books
  • Canvas bags when shopping.
  • If you have the option, buy publications that are printed with soy ink.
  • Always buy goods that are grown or produced locally when possible.
  • Shop at farmer’s markets.

Help End the Age of Waste by shopping smart!