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Pick-Ups and Deliveries

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Outside Trader Truck

Our Outside Trader Department does pick-ups and deliveries of reusable goods throughout the Bay Area.  They pick up unwanted possessions from homes, agencies, storage units, and businesses.

To schedule a pick-up, please email photos of the item(s) you would like picked up to  In the email, include the pick-up location as well as your phone number so that you can be contacted after the initial assessment.  The Traders can also be reached at 510-841-7283 ext. 313.

The Outside Trader Department is currently working Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  As such, all correspondences and scheduling will take place on those days. The Traders typically handle correspondences at least once in the morning and again around 4:30PM.

Compensation and Considerations

Sometimes, the Outside Traders pay out (either cash or store credit) in exchange for certain items. The Traders have sales experience and know the company’s inventory demand and handling capabilities. If seeking compensation, please let the Traders know prior to the arranged pick-up.  The Traders have full discretion for deciding what to pick up and what to pay out for; many factors, including distance traveled, quantity and quality of the merchandise, size and weight, and number of stairs involved are taken into consideration.  Because of the labor involved, they are not able to pay for all items but will consider compensation for more valuable items depending on the situation. Financial offers and final commitments are only made in person. Photos of items can help the Traders gauge an item’s value ahead of time, but negotiations can only be made once the items are seen in person. The same is true for anything dropped off on our site.

When paying out, the Traders are authorized to offer up to 10% of the expected sales price for an item. They do so by writing checks. They do not carry cash and do not pay out in cash. The Traders can also offer trade credit up to a 20% equivalent of the expected sales price. Trade credits are redeemable for any purchases at Urban Ore’s retail departments. Trade credits are written only once and, like money, cannot be replaced if lost. Urban Ore is a for-profit business, and as such it cannot issue a donation receipt for picked up merchandise because it’s not a 501c(3).

The Outside Traders are most likely to pay for the following items when in good condition:

– Antiques

– Solid wood furniture

– Solid wood cabinetry

– Doors

– Windows

Items we often accept as drop offs but generally do not pick up include:

– Hardware

– Household goods

– Kitchenware

– Books

– Electronics

– Clothing

– Appliances

– Scrap materials

– Lumber

– Brick/Stone

Our experience has been that most customers primarily want to know that their unwanted items are finding a new home rather than going to the landfill. Landfilling costs $126 per ton at Berkeley’s regional transfer station. When we provide a pick-up service, the customer in effect avoids a disposal cost. Another useful term is “free disposal” because the unwanted items are “disposed of” just as in wasting but with a better outcome. Urban Ore is very good at reuse and recycling. We estimate that of all the materials we elect to receive, only about 3% or less goes to landfill. We strive to achieve zero waste in all our operations, and if we can’t find a reuse market, we can often recycle.


Items that you purchase at Urban Ore may be delivered by the Outside Trader for a fee. There is a $95.00 minimum delivery fee. If you want a delivery, you must notify sales staff at the time of purchase. If this is the case, sales staff issue a receipt to you that includes your last name and phone number. They will also attach a yellow “Sold Tag” to the item(s) that you purchased. It is then your responsibility to contact the Outside Trader Department to schedule the delivery. Information cards are kept at the front register which explain delivery instructions. Appointments can be made by phone; the Outside Traders’ phone number is 510-841-7283 ext. 313. Callers should expect to leave a voicemail. A Trader will usually return the call within 24 to 48 hours during the week.  Calls are returned early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

The Trader sets the fee based on factors including:

– Distance (minimum to S.F. is $175)

– Number and size of items

– Number of staff required

– Relative ease of delivery including such issues as whether stairs are involved

The Traders try to keep delivery fees reasonable because delivering sold items gives us room to accept more from the public. Plan to pay for delivery by check or cash upon receipt of the goods.

Other Reuse and Recycling Opportunities

Many businesses offer non-wasting disposal for hundreds of different commodities. Urban Ore treats these businesses as allies. Together we are building a Zero Waste future.  We also trade resources and services with many of these enterprises. Our main competition is the landfill. For comprehensive regional information on other reuse and recycling venues, the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board has an excellent website at Our Traders know many of these businesses and can often offer leads including phone numbers.

Equipment and Staff

Outside Traders use a 2020 Isuzu diesel truck with a 14-foot box and a lift gate that will handle up to one-ton loads. The truck is equipped with a heavy-duty appliance hand truck and professional mover’s dollies. All department staff are licensed, insured, and have clean driving records. Urban Ore’s Outside Traders value safety, punctuality, attention to detail, moving things carefully and accurately, and always strive to maximize customer satisfaction.