Ecopark Store

Drop Off

Avoid dump fees and keep landfills empty by dropping off your used goods at our Ecopark.

Photo of several Urban Ore receiving department employees unloading furniture from a box truck.

We’ve got plenty of help waiting for you at our Store Receiving Department.

Urban Ore provides a disposal service to the public. Folks are happy to give us their stuff because they don’t have to pay to get rid of it (like they would at the transfer station), we are conveniently located, and we take a lot of things that other places don’t, which is also a convenience. Many people are also happy that their stuff is getting another life. This sentiment might stem from environmental and cultural preservation values. The general idea is that if we think that we can sell and item for reuse or recycling, we will be inclined to take it.

Things we receive should be sellable (as-is) and able to survive in our retail environment long enough to find a new home.  We accept many things other places turn away, and so we are presented at times with more volume than we can handle. The volume that we can accept depends on the space available on our site, so at times we might be more selective with certain categories of things.

Anyone interested in selling their higher-end merchandise must provide picture ID such as a California driver’s license or a California identification card.  All sellers must sign a declaration that they are the rightful owner of the property being traded.  In the unlikely event of a dispute over ownership,  Urban Ore always cooperates fully with police in any investigation.

Trade Credits are a better deal

When you sell your reusables to Urban Ore, consider whether you plan to buy merchandise from us at the Ecopark. If you think you will, ask to be paid in trade credit. You’ll receive about 10% more than you would have in cash for the same items.

Here is what you need to know:

  • When we purchase from you, we give more value in trade credits than cash.
  • The trade credit slips are about the same size as money and fit into most wallets.
  • Trade credits cannot be converted to cash.
  • Lost trade credits cannot be replaced.