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The AT&T Park Glove and Urban Ore. An origin story.

by Urban Ore - 09.22.2015

Want to know about Urban Ore’s connection to AT&T Park’s famed baseball glove sculpture? There are a few origin stories actually. Read this article and…

Holiday Reuse Gifts Made Locally

by Valerie Carey - 11.30.2013

Featured businesses from our store’s Holiday Reuse Gift Showcase. Find out where to buy their products here. Support local business, save the planet, AND find unique holiday gifts – that’s called a triple-win!

How To “Rehab Right”: Oakland Planning Department Releases Book Online

by Valerie Carey - 03.21.2013

Practical guidance on planning and managing an architectural rehab project in your home. Full descriptions and beautiful drawings detailing 13 Bay Area architectural styles from 1860s through 1940s. Nearly 100 additional pages of detailed information on how to rehabilitate exterior and interior elements, with clear and simple language and illustrations.

Urban Ore Canvas Bags! ONLY $5!! Made in the U.S.A. from 100% Organic Cotton

by Urban Ore - 03.07.2013

Back in stock by popular demand!  Urban Ore canvas bags are proudly made in the U.S.A. from 100% organic cotton.  ONLY $5!  Now that Alameda…

Getting to 90% Diversion or Better in Berkeley

by Doctor Ore - 02.29.2012

Urban Ore’s design team has proposed a rebuild of our 1983-vintage transfer station.  It was designed to feed a garbage burner that was never built,…

Urban Ore goes to Brazil!

by Urban Ore - 12.22.2010

This past October, Urban Ore had the honor of being invited to the 7th annual Zero Waste International Alliance Zero Waste Dialog in beautiful Florianopolis,…

Read about Urban Ore in The New York Times!

by Urban Ore - 10.01.2010

We are pleased to announced that we were recently featured in The New York Times! The article, written by Hank Pellissier, gives a quick breakdown…

From Recyclables to Robots!

by Urban Ore - 08.31.2010

Artists from all over the Bay Area flock to Urban Ore not only for materials, but for inspiration as well. Take Nemo Gould for example….

Even celebrities shop at Urban Ore from time to time!

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

Celebrities like Chris Isaak have been known to haunt Urban Ore from time to time. How do we know? Because he signed a publicity photo…

First Timers Guide – What to expect when you first visit the Ecopark

by Urban Ore - 07.30.2010

Urban Ore is a Berkeley legend. If you Google us you’ll find tons of stories and anecdotes online from students to artists to building contractors…