If you're not for Zero Waste,how much waste are you for?

AT&T Glove Sculpture

The AT&T Park Glove and Urban Ore. An origin story.

Want to know about Urban Ore’s connection to AT&T Park’s famed baseball glove sculpture? There are a few origin stories actually. Read this article and... more

Black and white photo of Alice Green

What makes a good planter? Anything that can contain a plant.

Here at Urban Ore we are very lucky to have a dedicated gardener to help keep our grounds looking pleasant. Alice Green, an old friend... more

Photo of Urban Ore Canvas Bags for sale

Urban Ore Canvas Bags! ONLY $5!! Made in the U.S.A. from 100% Organic Cotton

Back in stock by popular demand!  Urban Ore canvas bags are proudly made in the U.S.A. from 100% organic cotton.  ONLY $5!  Now that Alameda... more

Snapshot of the newly revamped Urban Ore clothing section!

Yes! Urban Ore sells clothing!

Ever since our lovely employee Erica took on our clothing department, it looks better than ever! She combs through daily shipments of clothing and hand... more

Proposed rebuild from helicopter

Getting to 90% Diversion or Better in Berkeley

Urban Ore’s design team has proposed a rebuild of our 1983-vintage transfer station.  It was designed to feed a garbage burner that was never built,... more

Packer truck dumps garbage at landfill.

Bioconversion - Garbage In, Garbage Out

There are many nuances in the new garbage-to-energy initiatives. In May a conference is coming to San Francisco put on by the new wave of... more

Beatles pop art

Put a little color in your life!

Move into a new apartment? Have a large loft that has bare walls? A fan of classic prints or original weirdo outsider art? Well the... more

To see some cool stuff, check out more Pic of the Week photos.

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