Aeonium Garden

Aeoniums do not need a traditional planter to thrive!

Here at Urban Ore we are very lucky to have a dedicated gardener to help keep our grounds looking pleasant. Alice Green, an old friend to Urban Ore, makes use of objects she found onsite, and many customers take photos to stimulate their own ideas . By reusing items such as rusty old wheelbarrows, old tubs, retired Radio Flyers and the like, Alice helps Urban Ore keep to our mission of Zero Waste. This sort of reuse is not only good for the environment by avoiding landfilling, it is also very good for the soul. You don’t need any studies to prove that more vegetation and the act of gardening relieve stress and create a more pleasant atmosphere in all senses of the word.

Succulents and Tub

Succulents lushly thriving in an old patinated copper tub.

Wheelbarrow and Tub Gardens

Reuse in action!

Wheelbarrow of Succulents

Succulents growing happily in an old rusty wheelbarrow.

Jade Plant in Clawfoot Tub

This jade is loving its life in a reused clawfoot tub.

Agave Clawfoot

Beautiful agave thriving in a clawfoot tub.

Black and white photo of Alice Green

Alice Green next to one of her lovely reuse garden creations.