Zero Waste Resources


Designing zero waste disposal facilities around the world

Following the discovery of the twelve master categories, we teamed with architects and engineers to design zero waste transfer facilities based on source separation and variable rate structures. Over thirty of these major design efforts have been mounted in five countries, starting with our own facilities and ending with the most recent, a complete rebuild of the City of Berkeley’s reuse, recycling, composting, and waste transfer complex at Second and Gilman.

Urban Ore Development Associates (UODA) is a team of reuse, recycling and composting professionals with long experience designing materials handling systems and living with the results.  We do interactive design and we start from where you are.  UODA teams have designed zero waste facilities in rural and urban areas within the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, and Africa.

Most of UODA’s schematic site plans and narratives cost as little as  US $15,000 to US $30,000.  These plans are used to sell zero waste to elected officials, finance professionals, and the general public. Site visits are desirable but not always necessary.

Ecopark Tours

We are more than happy to offer tours of our Ecopark. Come see how we practice Zero Waste for yourself. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. If your group is larger than 20, we prefer to break up into smaller groups. It can get pretty hectic here, especially during heavy shopping hours. To get started scheduling a tour, go to the Contact Us page and fill out the online form. Please provide us with your contact information, a little background on who you are and how many people you’d like to bring along. This will help us with scheduling your tour.