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Stumped for a Father’s Day gift?

by Valerie Carey - 06.13.2014

Whether he’s a reader, tinkerer, fashionisto, collector, gardener, sportsman, cook, or artist, with three acres of reusable goods…. we’ve got you covered.

Holiday Reuse Gifts Made Locally

by Valerie Carey - 11.30.2013

Featured businesses from our store’s Holiday Reuse Gift Showcase. Find out where to buy their products here. Support local business, save the planet, AND find unique holiday gifts – that’s called a triple-win!

How To “Rehab Right”: Oakland Planning Department Releases Book Online

by Valerie Carey - 03.21.2013

Practical guidance on planning and managing an architectural rehab project in your home. Full descriptions and beautiful drawings detailing 13 Bay Area architectural styles from 1860s through 1940s. Nearly 100 additional pages of detailed information on how to rehabilitate exterior and interior elements, with clear and simple language and illustrations.

5 Sink-or-Swim Toilet Measurements

by Valerie Carey - 02.25.2013

Urban Ore… “Isn’t that the place with all the toilets outside?” Why, yes it is. Thanks for noticing! The magnitude of toilet-ness (toiletry?) on display…

Gettin’ the Lead Out

by Valerie Carey - 01.21.2013

A lot of people come to us asking for advice on lead paint. It’s a good thing to be concerned about, as it can pose…