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Picture of a vintage wooden desk and a vintage china cabinet.

Picture of an antique mail desk and a modern china cabinet found in Urban Ore’s gallery section.


  1. Elizabeth Magana says:

    Hello, I came into some wooden pallets and wanted to make some furniture out of them. Do you happen to sell any windows? Also, just curious how much are you selling that modern china cabinet for?

    • Urban Ore says:

      Hello there Elizabeth!

      We have many, many windows in stock! Unfortunately the modern china cabinet is no longer with us, but we get many other nice ones in stock constantly. Come check us out in person!


  2. wolfgang says:

    I am trying to replace some garden gates with old doors. Preferably balinese, chinese, indian or thai doors. Would you happen to have some of those?


    • Urban Ore says:

      Please email our Building Materials department for more information. bmx@urbanore.com

      Thanks for contacting us!

    • Urban Ore says:

      Hi Wolfgang,

      Apologies for the late reply. Please call our Building Materials department at 510 841 7283 ext. 315 to ask about our latest selection of doors!


  3. Brian Merritt says:

    Saw you have old signs. Looking for a drain sign. 12″ x 4″ approx. blue letters on white surface “NO DUMPING DRAINS TO BAY. If i am lucky include price in your reply. Thank you, Brian.

    • Urban Ore says:

      Hello Brian,

      Please call our General Store for further assistance. 510 841 7283 ext. 301 or 305

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