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Stumped for a Father’s Day gift?

by Valerie Carey - 06.13.2014

Whether he’s a reader, tinkerer, fashionisto, collector, gardener, sportsman, cook, or artist, with three acres of reusable goods…. we’ve got you covered.

Holiday Reuse Gifts Made Locally

by Valerie Carey - 11.30.2013

Featured businesses from our store’s Holiday Reuse Gift Showcase. Find out where to buy their products here. Support local business, save the planet, AND find unique holiday gifts – that’s called a triple-win!

Urban Ore Canvas Bags! ONLY $5!! Made in the U.S.A. from 100% Organic Cotton

by Urban Ore - 03.07.2013

Back in stock by popular demand!  Urban Ore canvas bags are proudly made in the U.S.A. from 100% organic cotton.  ONLY $5!  Now that Alameda…

Yes! Urban Ore sells clothing!

by Urban Ore - 03.20.2012

Ever since our lovely employee Erica took on our clothing department, it looks better than ever! She combs through daily shipments of clothing and hand…

Getting to 90% Diversion or Better in Berkeley

by Doctor Ore - 02.29.2012

Urban Ore’s design team has proposed a rebuild of our 1983-vintage transfer station.  It was designed to feed a garbage burner that was never built,…

Bioconversion – Garbage In, Garbage Out

by Aunty Entropy - 02.29.2012

There are many nuances in the new garbage-to-energy initiatives. In May a conference is coming to San Francisco put on by the new wave of…

Put a little color in your life!

by Urban Ore - 02.29.2012

Move into a new apartment? Have a large loft that has bare walls? A fan of classic prints or original weirdo outsider art? Well the…

Read about Urban Ore in The New York Times!

by Urban Ore - 10.01.2010

We are pleased to announced that we were recently featured in The New York Times! The article, written by Hank Pellissier, gives a quick breakdown…

Reintroducing the Lone Recycler!

by Urban Ore - 09.06.2010

The Lone Recycler is a comic book dating all the way back to 1984. It was created by Nancy Gorrell, a children’s illustrator and longtime…

Browse our Ebay store for one of a kind items…

by Urban Ore - 09.01.2010

Happen to have an old Chrystler? Are you missing a stereo in that Chrystler? Well we have it here for you. We try and make…