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Bioconversion – Garbage In, Garbage Out

by Aunty Entropy - 02.29.2012

There are many nuances in the new garbage-to-energy initiatives. In May a conference is coming to San Francisco put on by the new wave of…

Put a little color in your life!

by Urban Ore - 02.29.2012

Move into a new apartment? Have a large loft that has bare walls? A fan of classic prints or original weirdo outsider art? Well the…

Urban Ore goes to Brazil!

by Urban Ore - 12.22.2010

This past October, Urban Ore had the honor of being invited to the 7th annual Zero Waste International Alliance Zero Waste Dialog in beautiful Florianopolis,…

Read about Urban Ore in The New York Times!

by Urban Ore - 10.01.2010

We are pleased to announced that we were recently featured in The New York Times! The article, written by Hank Pellissier, gives a quick breakdown…

Reintroducing the Lone Recycler!

by Urban Ore - 09.06.2010

The Lone Recycler is a comic book dating all the way back to 1984. It was created by Nancy Gorrell, a children’s illustrator and longtime…

Only 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

by Aunty Entropy - 09.02.2010

To get to Zero Waste we need only 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – not four or five or fifteen.

From Recyclables to Robots!

by Urban Ore - 08.31.2010

Artists from all over the Bay Area flock to Urban Ore not only for materials, but for inspiration as well. Take Nemo Gould for example….

Cabinetry for all Occasions…

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

One of our biggest sellers is cabinetry. We have cabinets for days. Cabinets for your kitchen. Cabinets for your  bathroom. Cabinets for your study. Cabinets…

5 reasons why cities need land for green industry

by Aunty Entropy - 08.13.2010

Cities that want green industries need to decide:  which kinds do they want?  Which ones should they set up first?  Which neighborhoods have correct zoning?Are…

How to Buy or Lease Land for a Reuse Startup

by Doctor Ore - 08.13.2010

Find the right space Here are some questions you should think about when looking for land to locate your Zero Waste startup: Where is the…