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Cabinetry for all Occasions…

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

One of our biggest sellers is cabinetry. We have cabinets for days. Cabinets for your kitchen. Cabinets for your  bathroom. Cabinets for your study. Cabinets…

5 reasons why cities need land for green industry

by Aunty Entropy - 08.13.2010

Cities that want green industries need to decide:  which kinds do they want?  Which ones should they set up first?  Which neighborhoods have correct zoning?Are…

How to Buy or Lease Land for a Reuse Startup

by Doctor Ore - 08.13.2010

Find the right space Here are some questions you should think about when looking for land to locate your Zero Waste startup: Where is the…

Even celebrities shop at Urban Ore from time to time!

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

Celebrities like Chris Isaak have been known to haunt Urban Ore from time to time. How do we know? Because he signed a publicity photo…

Save a forest! Buy reclaimed lumber!

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

We literally refresh our lumber racks daily! Whether it be from customer drop offs or salvaging from the city dump, you can find new pieces…

The Beauty of Recycling!

by Urban Ore - 08.13.2010

This beautiful photo is the result of Urban Ore’s recycling efforts. These copper cables were manually stripped of their casings by one of our salvaging…

First Timers Guide – What to expect when you first visit the Ecopark

by Urban Ore - 07.30.2010

Urban Ore is a Berkeley legend. If you Google us you’ll find tons of stories and anecdotes online from students to artists to building contractors…

Bring us your unwanted packaging material!

by Urban Ore - 07.28.2010

Got packaging peanuts?  Bubble wrap?  We want them!  We can also use all sorts of other packaging materials.  Preferably clean so that we can reuse…

Gorgeous Handmade Metal Gate!

by Urban Ore - 06.07.2010

This handmade metal gate came into our hands earlier this spring. As you can see it is very large, heavy and fashionable. Great for use as a security gate or vine climbing structure.