Ecopark Store


Come Shop in Our 3 Acre Ecopark Retail Store – We have serious essentials, building materials, furniture, or fun items and crazy gifts.

aerial shot of general store

Lots o' stuff....

The General Store is housed within our warehouse and here you can purchase most everyday household items such as clothing, appliances, furniture, art supplies, knick knacks, etc…

The Building Materials Department is located mainly outside with the exception of doors, most of which can be found inside the Ecopark warehouse.  Here you can find merchandise such as lumber, toilets, sinks, windows, garden supplies, etc…

Our Last Chance section is located outside as well. Here we give merchandise one final chance to be purchased and reused before we recycle it. There are always deals to be found here!


Items you purchase at Urban Ore may be delivered by the Outside Trader for a fee. Arrange this with sales staff at the time of purchase. Make sure sales staff issue a receipt to you having your last name and phone number and that they attached a yellow delivery receipt to the item you purchased. Then call the Trader for a delivery appointment.

Appointments may be made by telephone; the number to call is 510 841-SAVE, ext. 313 to reach their office. Callers should expect to leave a message in a voicemail box. A Trader will usually return the call within 24-48 hours, depending on the press of business.  Calls are returned early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

The Trader sets the fee based on factors like these:

  • distance
  • number and size of items
  • number of staff required
  • and relative ease of delivery including such issues as whether stairs are involved

The Traders try to keep delivery fees reasonable because delivering sold items gives us room to accept more from the public. Plan to pay for delivery by check or cash upon receipt of the goods.